Welcome to JVAM - modern classics reimagined

Founded in 2017, JVAM is the latest brand to emerge from renowned footwear powerhouse Leiner Shoes. JVAM is a true artisanal collaboration between designer and maker, combining artistic insights with over 3 decades of manufacturing experience. At JVAM, we integrate modern and modular design principles into the artistry of shoemaking.

JVAM began in 2017 as a gender neutral project, with the mission to go against societal norms of exclusivity and divisiveness by crafting high quality shoes that embrace individuality. While the brand has since evolved, the design-led collection remains rooted in minimalism and artisanal techniques, with comfort at our core.

The JVAM narrative centres around celebrating the depth of the craft whilst pushing the boundaries of product design. Our collection is a dialogue of equal contrasts; the harmony of the artisanal with modernity; a balance of the directional with minimalism, and the interplay of boldness with subtlety.

Lightweight, flexible and rich in form and function, the shoes speak for themselves; embodying our principles of meticulous attention to detail, delivering exceptional quality and our commitment to responsible manufacturing.